Saturday, January 29, 2011

Our ship the Norwegian Star, October 8th, 2010

First: Rose Streator
Second: Joni and Yvonne
Third: Joni and Ed
Fourth: Rocks in the ocean
Fith: Our group in front of the slides on the ship

First: Miami shore line at dusk
Second: Judy and Ron
Third: JoAnne and Paul
Fourth: Judy with native woman
Fith: Ron with native woman
Sixth: Alligator in canal
Seventh: In the canal
Eighth: Train pulling us through the canal
Ninth: Panama Temple

First: The girls and their hand made bandanas
Second: Ron and Judy
Third: Judy, Ron , JoAnne, Paul and their Califorina friends
Fourth: Divers in Acapulco, Mexico
Fifth: Ron on ship balcony
Sixth: Judy on ship balcony
Seventh: The group playing dominos on deck at sea

This is the 13 day cruise we took to the Panama Canal and 5 other stops in October of 2010 with my sisters and their husbans and 2 friends, Yvonne Bouwhuis and Rose Streator. It was the best trip I've ever taken, especially because I was with my husband, family and friends!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Elders were able to go to the Manhattan Temple just before Christmas.
How do you like the hat! I think this is at Rockefeller Center.

This is Elder Roque and his companion Elder Clark. Here is photo evidence that he sent that they ar serving in the "HOOD".

Christmas pajamas are a tradition in the family. I did it without the use of most of my right arm and Zach's comment was "just because we are serving in the ghetto you didn't have to make pant bottoms that are ghetto." (I sent jammies to Zach & his companion so they would match also! They are serving in North Newark, New Jersey.)

This blog is a partial gift from Lari for Christmas. This is our Christmas picture. See Ron's big smile? Not!